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Kayla Kathawa - !  (via ninakathawa)

There are parts of me,
that have already moved on from you.
They have said hello to sunshine,
and all the things I want to do.
But there are other parts of me
that still ache for your touch,
that scream your name behind muffled hands.
I guess enough is not enough.

X3addiction (via x3addiction)

Sometimes it’s not walking away or giving up but knowing when you’ve had enough.

A truth I have yet to come to terms with (via ink-trails)

The saddest thing about
falling out of love is knowing
that at one time you held
this person close to your heart
and something must have happened
to wrench them away from
the folds of your deepest trust
and affection and it’s scary knowing
that there are evils out there great
enough to tear people from your life
when you thought they always
belonged in your arms.
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